The Constitutional Conservative – Why does it Matter?

  1. 1st Amendment violationElections have consequences. Our liberal democratic Governor Laura Kelly has taken away our 1st amendment right to peaceably assemble and freely worship in church. A federal judge ruled against her actions. Yet her agenda persists. Are you worried about how easy this was? As your congressman it is my promise to fight for reaffirming and appointing constitutional judges to protect those liberties that are essential to the Freedom of the United States, especially those that aim to destroy our most sacred institutions and take choices away from small business owners and consumers.
  2. 4th amendment violation – City officials and local governments around the country are aiming to use data tracing and unconstitutional information “screenings” to follow and obstruct your 4th amendment right to privacy. We must continue to use common-sense and understand the agenda and pursuit of overreaching government control.
  3. The Bill of Rights in entirety – Democrats like AOC-KC and Beto O’Rourke are looking to come for the guns of law-abiding citizens, putting restrictions on conceal and carry along with other legislation which violates the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. They will not stop there. Government is using COVID-19 as a pedestal to come for the most precious and protected freedoms this world has ever known.

Links to helpful resources and information for the Constitutional Conservative 

Hillsdale College provides a great foundation and education for students and American patriots who wish to learn more about the Constitution:


Pictures From Open up Kansas Rally in Olathe and Topeka 

How can you protect your Constitutional liberties? 

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke, included by John F. Kennedy in a speech in 1961.