Support President Trump and Put America First

Mike will support President Trump and his “pro-America” leadership from the pre COVID-19 record setting economy to the appointments of Constitutionally-sound judges and his respect and support for our military and first responders. Under President Trump, we had new record lows in unemployment across all segments of the American workforce and the lowest unemployment of women and minorities in recorded history. We can return to these levels again! Mike will support our President in rebuilding the American economy as we begin to heal from this global pandemic.

Congress must protect American interests, first! They have failed on many fronts. Whether it’s sending our military into endless battles in far-flung locations around the globe or sending foreign aid to nations that don’t like us. Congress must put America first. I’ll work every day to put the interests of the United States first. We will be stronger than ever before!

Protect and Defend Life

Mike is 100% pro-life–from conception to natural death. He has been a very active and supportive member of Kansans for Life for over 25 years. The lives of the unborn and our most vulnerable citizens deserve our complete protection. Mike is proud to be endorsed by Kansans for Life. He pledges to be a Champion for life if elected.

Military / Veterans

Mike will always unashamedly be a supporter of our troops and efforts to bring them home. Our veterans deserve our utmost respect and appreciation. Our government made a promise to them, and we need to ensure every veteran in America is cared for properly. We need to improve the services delivered at the VA and increase access veterans have to alternative healthcare systems.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Mike will defend your Second Amendment rights and oppose all efforts to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens and their ability to protect themselves and their families. Mike is a Life Member of the NRA as well as a member of the Kansas State Rifle Association.


A strong economy and record low unemployment provides more private options with more choices for insurance, hospitals, and doctors. That competition leads to better quality healthcare for the money. Free market solutions are better than poor quality socialized medicine that prioritizes treatments based on age and “other” factors determined by the federal government.


Mike is committed to working with the president and Congress to pass real reforms to fix our broken immigration system, secure our borders, keep our country safe, and honor our commitments to the American people. He will support President Trump’s push to build the wall. Prior to COVID-19 when we had record, historical low unemployment across all sectors of the population, I would have advocated for a clear path to legal citizenship for foreign graduates of US universities. We needed their intellect and creativity. However, today, with 26 million and counting Americans unemployed, I support President Trump’s wise decision to close down ALL immigration in favor of jobs for American citizens. America First!

We still need to “build the wall” to protect lower wage jobs now and in the years to come. Mike is committed to fighting illegal immigration that threatens America’s security, economic health, and jobs for low and middle-class workers, but believes legal immigration is the lifeblood of our country.

The Constitution

Support constitutional judges who value the framers original intent of the law as it is written. Will oppose all legislation that involuntarily takes 1st and 4th amendment rights away from law-abiding citizens, religious institutions, and hard-working americans. Signed the term limits pledge and committed to donating 100% of my congressional salary if elected.