Husband, Father, Businessman, Leader, Innovator,  Constitutional Conservative

Mike Beehler is a Husband, Father, Successful Businessman, and Author. Mike has enjoyed his home in Leawood, Kansas for over 25 years. Most of his childhood was spent in southern Arizona where he and his brother were raised by a loving Mother and Father. His parents were teachers, and he learned character, work ethic, and discipline from a very young age. Mike’s father did “lawn accounts” to make ends meet and Mike toddled along and learned to love landscaping. Soon, Mike got his own lawn accounts and eventually landed his first job as a janitor and groundskeeper starting in 7th grade. Mike held that job for 10 years, all through college. He mopped a lot of floors and trimmed a lot of trees. But, his hard work and conservative nature allowed him to graduate from college with money in the bank. In fact, upon graduation from the University of Arizona in May, 1981, on Saturday, Mike married his college sweetheart on Monday. Mike and Dianne bought a brand new car with cash to start their new life together. Today, they have been married for nearly 40 years and have four adult children and some delightful grandchildren.

Mike graduated with a Bachelor’s in civil engineering and began his career designing and building transmission lines and substations for Tucson Electric Power and then the Hawaiian Electric Company. In 1995, Mike and Dianne moved their young family to Leawood, Kansas. His children were able to benefit from the great public schools in the Blue Valley District. Mike spent over twenty years designing T&D infrastructure and consulting on emerging trends at Burns & McDonnell, a large, international architectural / engineering / construction firm. Mike formed personal and professional relationships built on trust and authenticity that lead to billions of dollars of capital work and a long successful career.

Most recently, Mike is known for his strategic leadership and vision on the application of emerging technologies in changing business models to include the integration of distributed energy resources, augmented/virtual reality, and Artificial Intelligence. For years, Mike has been a trusted partner, bringing together people and ideas to address issues, identify opportunities, drive innovation, and lead change in the electric utility industry.

Mike is the author of “The Science of the Sale”. Mike shares 170 pages of practical, how-to advice on building and maintaining professional relationships with customers who become lifelong friends. His core values are authenticity, openness, and communication.